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Turkey Spiel

DECEMBER 18, 19, 20 2023

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Everyone is busy getting ready for the holidays 
yet we still want to celebrate with a bonspeil and some turkey!

So join us, when you can, for this year's Turkey Spiel!

A separate draw is made up each day so that everyone interested can participate.  

Mark which evenings of the spiel you can curl when you sign up at the club, 
and teams will change each night to reflect who is willing and able to make it.

Cost: $10 per person per game.
Money is to be collected each night by the skips.

Snack provided!                                   Six-End Games!



Curlers must play two nights in order to compete for the prize, 
as winners will be based of the individuals' best combined scores.

Individual scores will be counted based on the score, the number of ends, plus one for a win.  
No maximum score.

The top 4 individual scorers will receive a turkey each

The next 4 highest scorers will receive a ham each

worried turkey.jpg

Turkey Toss

A favourite tradition of our club, 
the 2023 Turkey Toss will take place 
on the last night of the bonspeil.

Wednesday, December 20th!

All curlers in the bonspeil 
are invited to participate.

Closest to the button wins the turkey!


2018 Turkey Toss

winner, Athol Grant

with his prize!

2019 Winner, Bruce Morrison did not pause for a photo - he took it home to prove to his wife he won before we could stop him! :)

2020 Winner, Jean Marc Paturel also didn't pose for a photo!

2021 & 2022 Winner, Heather MacIntosh!

2023 Winner: Blaise Landry


28 Jessica Wong Ln.
Baddeck, NS


Baddeck Curling Club

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