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Fill out the form below to register online.

*Note: Registration is not complete until one half (at least) of your membership dues are paid.  

These can be paid in person by cheque or by e-transfer to

Active/New Membership: $300

Jr Curler curling in Adult Leagues:  $75

Associate Membership:   $30

**Note: All curlers must sign a Release of Liability waiver before stepping on the ice.

We will get this from you when you arrive at the club to curl.

2023/24 Membership


Our club is run by volunteers. How can you help us?

Thanks for registering.

If you chose "Active Curler" as your member classification, please fill out the next form too!

Curling Registration

The website only allows me to ask so many questions per form, so I've split the form into two.  Please make sure you complete both as your curling registration will not be considered complete without membership registration too!

With your Active Curler membership, we guarantee members one night of curling but will try to accommodate multiple nights if requested and if there is room.

How many nights do you want to curl?

Weekly Curling

Mondays - Men's curling, 8 ends

Tuesdays - Mixed curling, 6 ends

Wednesdays - Mixed, 8 ends

Thursdays - Mixed curling, 6 ends

Friday - Commercial. Full

             (separate registrations)

Preferred Position

Which position(s) would you want to play on a team?


What is your preferred night to curl?

Second choice of night(s) to curl

Spare List

Can we add you to a spare list for a particular night? 


Thanks for registering. See you at the curling rink!


28 Jessica Wong Ln.
Baddeck, NS


Baddeck Curling Club

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