Our space can be your space! 

Whether its for meetings, parties or curling, we have the space for you! 

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Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and Public Health Advisories,
the board of the Baddeck Curling Club has decided to




until farther notice.  Our club is run by volunteers, and keeping up

with the safe cleaning practices needed at this time, we feel is asking

too much of our dedicated volunteers.


Thank you for your understanding. 

Baddeck Curling Club
Baddeck Curling Club

Main Room
Main Room


Baddeck Curling Club
Baddeck Curling Club


Rental Fees

These fees reflect the prices until October 2020.

While we are not renting at this time, we leave these prices here to give you an idea for any future rentals plans.  Prices are subject to change once rentals are accepted again.


We have three sheets of ice which can be rented individually or as a rink.
Available November through March

One sheet of ice
1 hour @ $25

Three sheets of ice    
2 hours @ $100


Available November through March

One sheet of ice, lounge and kitchen
2 hours   $50
4 hours   $90
Full day   $170

Two sheets of ice, lounge and kitchen
2 hours   $100
4 hours   $160
Full day   $300

Three sheets of ice, lounge and kitchen
2 hours   $140
4 hours   $260
Full day   $480


Available Year Round

Lounge & Kitchen 
Half day  $80
Full day   $140


Lounge only
Half day  $60
Full day   $120


Things to Know Before You Come

  • Clean footwear is required on ice surface.

  • Dress is loose fitting clothes that allow ample movement.

  • Dress in layers so you can shed if you warm up as you play.  Gloves or mitts are a good idea to have, but can be removed if too warm.

  • Equipment, such as sliders and brooms are available for use but quantities are limited and we encourage you to bring your own.

  • Children under 12 must wear a helmet.

  • Instructors can be made available but only if we are notified of this at time of booking.

  • No food on the ice.  Drinks must stay at window end and cannot be taken onto the ice surface.

  • All outdoor footwear must be removed before entering during the curling season.  This is the purpose of the boot room.

  • Permission for the use of our table linens must be requested ahead of time.

  • The use of our dishes and appliances is permitted, with the rental of the kitchen, but must be cleaned thoroughly and put away in proper places after.

  • The person/group renting the club is not permitted to bring any alcohol in to the club.  Either the Curling Club will provide a bar (and collect profits) or the group must apply for their own Bar Permit.  Must be discussed at time of rental.

  • You are responsible to clean up after your group.


Rental Form

If you are interested in renting the Baddeck Curling Club facilities and require more information please contact:

Heather MacIntosh at 902-295-1137

or complete the form below.

A damage deposit of $100.00 is required from the rentee along with the rental fee.

Click the link for current rental fees:

Rental Request Form
Type of Function
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Our rental agent will get back to you soon!