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We welcome new members and anyone considering becoming a member!

We also happily welcome back our returning members!

The new season's start up begins in October.  But you can sign up at any point after that as well! 

There are two levels of membership you can sign up for: Active and Associate (see below)

Contact Ann Marie Baldwin or email for more information.

**Note: The prices below reflect the 2022/2023 season. 

Active Membership

$300 / year

Active Membership gives members full rights within our club to curl as often as they wish.  These are the members who will be formed into teams Monday to Thursday (Men's League and Mixed League), by the draw master.  Curlers are asked to give preference upon registration as to which night(s) they would like and we will try to make this happen.  While you can apply for all 4 nights, multiple nights may be removed to make room for those who only apply for one night.  This membership also qualifies curlers to spare at all times.

Note*  this membership does not give curlers right to curl for the commercial league on Friday nights.  Separate Membership required for that.

Associate Membership

$30 / year

Associate Membership gives members full rights within our club, except curling.  Curling is an extremely social sport, and this membership offers the social aspect without the physical.  Many in our community do not enjoy curling yet enjoy watching, or for one reason or another, cannot attain the physicality of curling which makes the Associate Membership an important part of our club.

While Associate Members are welcome to curl, they will not be assigned a team as the membership price does not include the right to play.  As such, when associate members do join a game as a spare, we ask you pay the spare fee (see below).

Youth Curling

$40 / year for the first child.


$15 / year for each additional family member.

One of the goals of our club is the encouragment of curling to the youth.  Under the guidance of trained coaches, youth from the ages of seven to eighteen have the opportunity to learn the many aspects of the game. We base this program is based on sportsmanship, skills, safety and, of course, fun!

For any youth wishing to curl in the evening leagues (with adults) will be charged an additional $75 per year.

Commercial League

$360 / team for the season

Some say that Friday night Commercial League curling is the most fun night of the week.  Between the food, the amount of people curling and the socializing, it is hard to argue!

Teams are created at the beginning of the year and can be formed from commercial ventures (great advertising!), groups of friends, or complete strangers (you won't be strangers long).  These teams stay together all season so but don't have to be made of the same people each week - some teams are formed with as many as eight players in order to cut down on costs and make it easy to fit schedules away from the rink.

Both members and non-members are welcome to curl Fridays, as this is the only night of the week that individual membership does not apply; team dues apply to any and all the team's curlers.

Spare Fee

$10  / game

Non-Members and Associate Members are asked to pay a spare fee to the bartender before each game played.  This is in lieu of an active membership.

*Note: not including Commercial League

Any questions??  Send an email: or contact Ann Marie Baldwin


28 Jessica Wong Ln.
Baddeck, NS


Baddeck Curling Club

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