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Curious About Curling?

Curling is a sport that started in Scotland and is now the largest amateur sport played in Canada.  It is played on 146 feet of ice with large stones being slid down from one end to the other aiming for the target at the other end.  The team with the rocks closest to the bullseye in the centre win the point(s) once all stones are thrown. Then they do it again and again until the end of the game.

Sounds easy enough?  Well it is a little more complicated than it seems, but nothing that can't be taught!  Watch this short video to learn more or come into the Baddeck Curling Club to try it for yourself!

The "Best Part" of the Game

Curlers of all levels are welcome at the Baddeck Curling Club - while it is a game, in general, competition is not what we concentrate on. Instead, we are there to get a full body work out (and it IS a workout!) and of course, the socialness of this sport.  While it is not a rule, the tradition of the sport says winning team buys their opponents a drink after the game.  This makes for great spirits among curlers!

"The social aspect of the sport is what makes me come back every year. The camaraderie and the fact that you either win the game or win a free beverage of your choice. The sitting together afterwards and having a drink or 5 and some munchies. All that adds up to more than just a mere sports event, it's a happening."

-Roland Palmizi,
Curling 10 years

Still Curious?

We encourage everyone to come in and try the sport out for themselves as nothing is better than first hand experience!  But we know you may want a little more information before finding the courage to come through the doors.


Rather than plagiarize, or reinvent the wheel, I encourage you to check out Truro Curling Club's page by clicking on the link below. They have for more details on the basics of curling!

Traditional Delivery vs. Stick Delivery
What is Preferred at Baddeck Curling Club?

At the Baddeck Curling Club, we welcome curlers and non-curlers alike to come and try!

Use the stick or bend down in the hack, we prefer you use the method that makes you most comfortable and willing to come back!  The only time we ask for one delivery method over another is during our Bras d'Or Lakes Stick Spiel when we ask everyone to use the stick.

And for the more advanced curlers...

Rules of the Game

For those that want to be more technical, use this link to see the complete rules of the curling game.  You can either read the rules on this page or you can download the complete book in PDF form to help you study up on the game!

Want More Information Online?

Visit Curling Canada's "About Curling" page for so much more information about everything curling!


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Baddeck, NS


Baddeck Curling Club

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