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Hal Norton Closing Bonspiel

March 25, 26, 27, & 28, 2024

This is our last bonspiel of the season!


It's an informal event and the emphasis is on fun


Number of games played and the number of ends per game
will be determined by the level of participation.

Food served each night!


Just remember, it's a long stretch from now until the
start of the new season. Come out, throw a few rocks,
chow down, and have some fun!

Harold Norton

Harold "Hal" Norton worked in Montreal, and on his retirement, he and his wife, Eileen, planned to move to Kentville, NS to live near their daughter, Pat.  However, during the move, a new job opportunity presented itself to him and instead they moved to South Haven, CB, with Hal taking the role of General Manager for the Cape Breton Marine Farming Industrial Development.


While living in Quebec, Hal was an avid curler and missed the sport when living in Cape Breton.  In the early 80's he began talking to friends and convinced a core group to try the sport.  Stones were purchased, rings were painted at the local rink and curling began in 1983.  Hal became the first vice-president of the Victoria Highland Curling Club and two years later stepped into the president role.

Hal and his wife did eventually move back to Kentville to be closer to Pat after his second retirement, but his legacy lives on in Cape Breton with the Baddeck Curling Club.


28 Jessica Wong Ln.
Baddeck, NS


Baddeck Curling Club

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