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25th Anniversary Celebration
of the
Baddeck Curling Club

December 28, 1999
First rock thrown on at the brand new Baddeck Curling Club

The Baddeck Curling Club originated from events at the Victoria County Highland Civic Center.

In 1981 the VHCC was in financial difficulty and the new Board of Directors had to address the debt issue and see if the facility was feasible for our community.  We did a door to door canvas, vowing to only open the facility if we raised enough dollars to eliminate the debts.  That canvas was successful and the facility opened with much tighter control over expenses and revenue (we made the bank manager our treasurer).

It did not take too long for the Board to see new sources of revenue would be needed.  What other sources of income can we look at?

Why can't we curl in the rink? was asked!

By the Fall of 1983 we had looked at what was needed and where it could be acquired.  A trip to Grand Falls, NB (for surplus curling stones) and a discussion with Jackie Cox (for a curling ice barrel and removable hacks) and we had all we needed to start. 

Our first meeting was on December 12, 1983. Twenty seven members were present and elected Lloyd MacEachern as our first President and we began curling in the fall of 1983.

From this beginning the Baddeck Curling Club went through many hoops, over many obstacles and faced many challenges.
But we succeeded in building our own three sheet curling facility. Our first rock was thrown by Bob Buchanan on December 28, 1999.

December 28, 2024 will be our 25th year of curling in our own rink.  Over the course of this year pictures, stories and items will be featured on this site to commemorate the efforts, cooperation and pure spunk of our members. Please be warned some photos are presented without written consent of the individuals concerned.

- submitted by Sandy Hudson

Stay tuned for information on
25th Anniversary Celebrations
in December 2024/January 2025!


28 Jessica Wong Ln.
Baddeck, NS


Baddeck Curling Club

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