A huge go raibh maith agat (thank-you in Irish according to Google translate) to everyone who came and curled, watched, bartended, cooked, served, drank, danced, sang and/or laughed with us over the weekend! Hope to see you next year!  


Until then, enjoy these photos (send me any you took that you'd like added) and congrats again to the winners!

2020 Photos

2020 Winners Circle

L-R Gretchen Landry, Ruth Morrison, Heather MacIntosh, Barbie Cook

Congrats to the Reining Champions

Team Barbie Cook, Baddeck Curling Club

A Division

Barbie Cook

Baddeck Curling Club


Judy Fraser

Highlander Curling Club

B Division

Donalda Buckingham

Bluenose Curling Club


Melissa Nicholson

Baddeck Curling Club

C Division

Theresa Buchanan

Baddeck Curling Club


Marie Young

Sydney Curling Club

Blarney Limericks

A new tradition at the Blarney is a collection of limericks written by the teams.  
Enjoy our growing collection!

The ladies they've arrived in Baddeck!

It's curling the said, what the heck!

The shots they have thrown,

The hits they have blown.

But who knows you might make the finals just yet.

- Team Donalda, Bluenose


The draw was the shot for the win.

She asked for the broom on the pin.

She needed full eight,

But the throw was hack weight,

So she settled instead for a gin.

- Team Lynn Kelly, Schooner


Four ladies went curling for fun,

And wished that they could have won one

They came to Baddeck,

Couldn't curl worth a heck.

And settled instead for the rum!

- Team Lynn Kelly, Schooner


The Blarney Stone,

Ladies Invitational Bonspiel

March 14 & 15, 2020

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